Course Description

As believers, we have all learned to pray. Typically, this is structured as wish lists for God to do things according to our plans and solutions, and is evaluated by what happens – as yes, no, maybe; we struggle with how come so many apparent no’s and how come our lives are not better since we thought being a Christian was supposed to result in a better life. This course will show us how we can have every prayer answered as “yes” – and what this means is quite different that we currently think; We will learn how to know what is true prayer; what is our role in the process and how we have the privilege of unity with spouse and our inner circle to confirm our prayers.

The Power of Prayer

We are all to learn to be faithful prayer warriors as we experience the wonder of God’s supernatural works through believing in prayer. We need to understand the difference between making wishes/telling God what we want Him to do and learning to hear His voice and His promises fulfilled as we are led to believe (faith). It is such an important truth to receive about the joy and life of prayer, which is so misunderstood in the Christian life. We are to pray this way together with our spouses, friends, and inner circle and then live out the great life that God has prepared for us. We are further to learn that answered prayer (including the conditions to answered prayer) leads to experiencing the supernatural things that God does in all of our lives— the way to live out God’s life for all of us.


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